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marjoram at the end of sentence

  1. Well, as a pig loves marjoram.
  2. Muscular aches and pains can be eased by eucalyptus, camomile, lavender or marjoram.
  3. Ingredients: HA, collagen, evening primrose oil horse chestnut, argireline peptide, m - tranexamic acid, marjoram.

marjoram in the middle of sentence

  1. And buds of marjoram had stol'n thy hair.
  2. It's said that marjoram has antiseptic qualities.
  3. It is said that marjoram has antiseptic qualities.
  4. The touch of wild marjoram leaves is a herbal tonic.
  5. Let cool and stir in thyme, marjoram, savvy, and chives.
  6. The sauce is flavoured with herbs, including marjoram and basil.
  7. Garnish with fresh marjoram and serve hot or cold with salad leaves.
  8. Grapefruit, marjoram, peach and camomile for radiance and freshness.
  9. It is seasoned with onions, coriander, ginger, marjoram, and mustard.
  10. Oregano is commonly mistaken for marjoram as the plants look very similar.
  11. Arnica oil mixed with essential oils of lavender, marjoram and petit grain.
  12. We spread the chicken with mayonnaise, salt, pepper, marjoram and rosemary...
  13. Outside of the kitchen marjoram and Oregano are best friends and do a lot together.
  14. For greater effect add another oil such as rosemary, juniper or marjoram oil blend.
  15. Herbs are the fragrant leaves of such plants as Basil, marjoram, mint, rosemary, and thyme.
  16. She particularly disliked marjoram - an essence used for grief, said to be an anti-aphrodisiac.
  17. Another blend for uplifting your mood consists of sweet fennel, lemon and sweet marjoram essential oils.
  18. Blends well with Bergamot, Black pepper, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, marjoram, Melissa, Neroli, Sandalwood.
  19. Spoon a quarter of the peppers into the middle of each pastry round, sprinkle a little marjoram on top and season.
  20. Woody herbs, like thyme, marjoram and winter savory stay green in all but the hardest winters and clip into tiny hedging.
  21. We need: chicken, oil – 150 ml, two eggs, one tablespoonful of vinegar, salt, sugar, mustard, greenery – marjoram, rosemary.
  22. The Egyptian team now plans to look at common culinary herbs, such as marjoram and thyme, to see if they contain compounds that can fight drug resistant bacteria.
  23. You are also recommended to use a blend of rosemary essential oil, basil essential oil, and marjoram essential oil, mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil or jojoba oil.
  24. Scented Pillow - sew a small pillow and fill it with cotton and a few drops of either clary sage, marjoram or ylang-ylang, or a combination of them, for an anti-stress effect.
  25. Blends well with: Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Neroli, marjoram, Cedarwood , Frankincense, Rosewood, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and others. Chamomile adds a soft, warm note to a blend.

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