Use of logic in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include logic at the start of sentence, logic at the end of sentence and logic in the middle of sentence

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logic at the start of sentence

  1. Logic had prevailed and he had abandoned the idea.

logic at the end of sentence

  1. She was disarmed by his logic.
  2. I can't fault you on your logic.
  3. He argues with learning and logic.
  4. It's easy to understand his logic.
  5. Socrates laid the foundations of logic.
  6. Not everything follows the rules of logic.
  7. He confuted his opponents by facts and logic.
  8. Your friend doesn't seem to be governed by logic.
  9. It's a stupid decision that completely defies logic.
  10. The two parts of the plan were governed by the same logic.
  11. Apart from criminal investigation techniques, students learn forensic medicine, philosophy and logic.

logic in the middle of sentence

  1. There's no logic in his argument.
  2. What's the logic of your argument?
  3. I had to concede the logic of this.
  4. At this point your logic is at fault.
  5. At this point our logic was at fault.
  6. Her logic is utterly incontrovertible.
  7. What's the logic behind this decision?
  8. I don't follow the logic of your argument.
  9. The logic behind this statement is faulty.
  10. I fail to see the logic behind his argument.
  11. The economic logic of reform is inescapable.
  12. There is a compelling logic to his main theory.
  13. Philosophers use logic to prove their arguments.
  14. There would be no logic in upsetting the agreements.
  15. All students receive tuition in logic and metaphysics.
  16. There are irredeemable flaws in the logic of the argument.

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