Use of incredulity in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include incredulity at the start of sentence, incredulity at the end of sentence and incredulity in the middle of sentence

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incredulity at the end of sentence

  1. The announcement has been met with incredulity.
  2. And Morrel dropped his head with disdainful incredulity.
  3. And who could have blamed the world for its incredulity?
  4. I watched from the sidelines with increasing incredulity.
  5. It is hard for me, even now, to relate my feeling of horror and incredulity.
  6. He makes heavy use of what may be called the Argument from Personal incredulity.
  7. Our artists had a freedom which the Soviet nonconformists envied with incredulity.
  8. When she told her family she was gay, they reacted with a mixture of shock and incredulity.
  9. This time he certainly saw blank incomprehension mixed with a liberal dollop of incredulity.
  10. It did, on occasions, meet with approval, but, largely, within the underground with incredulity.
  11. The girls at the depot watched the development of this incongruous relationship with incredulity.
  12. Arguments such as this are in principle more respectable than the argument based on sheer, naked incredulity.

incredulity in the middle of sentence

  1. All he felt was incredulity and pride.
  2. There was a hint of incredulity in her voice.
  3. She read their incredulity in their averted looks.
  4. Tipper gazed with incredulity at Leslie and Studd.
  5. Reagan's speech was met with incredulity in the US.
  6. Workers expressed incredulity and anger at being laid off.
  7. A generalized exclamation of contempt , anger, incredulity, etc.
  8. Such an assertion today would be greeted with incredulity and disbelief.
  9. He felt a sense of incredulity, anger and pain at the accusation made against him.
  10. One turned on the taps, I understood with incredulity, to discover the level of the contents.
  11. It's hard for me even now to relate my feelings of horror and incredulity about what happened.
  12. Jim went off for his first day at work in a mood of tender incredulity, still unable to stop smiling.
  13. But incredulity it was that popped my eyes open and stopped my heart, swept away my slightest consciousness of pain.
  14. But such findings as these were greeted with dismay and defiant incredulity by professional moralists and church leaders.
  15. Perhaps Lucy would have melted weakly into his bony arms had not an expression of dismay and incredulity come over his face.
  16. The fact that the Minister started his speech by talking about an annusmirabilis will have been met with incredulity outside the House.
  17. Another reason is perhaps sheer incredulity that anyone can gain control over the systems of language and communication operating as a whole.

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