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homecoming at the end of sentence

  1. She felt no sense of homecoming.
  2. She spent the day preparing for his homecoming.
  3. Every facility was laid on to ease their homecoming.
  4. They planned a special celebration for her homecoming.
  5. He says it's been a sad day, but its also a homecoming.
  6. It seemed as though the whole city had turned out for their team's triumphant homecoming.
  7. Meanwhile, under the careful eye of the housekeeper, the servants were busily making preparations for the master's homecoming.

homecoming in the middle of sentence

  1. Her homecoming was tinged with sadness.
  2. Michael's homecoming was a joyous occasion.
  3. She bore the homecoming queen tiara to school.
  4. Maggie: You won homecoming Queen at Franklin High!
  5. He cast his mind back to his homecoming earlier that evening.
  6. Amelie hadn't thought her homecoming would be quite like this.
  7. For many, their long-awaited homecoming was a bitter disappointment.
  8. Coming back for her uncle's funeral was not a happy homecoming for her.
  9. Dole was choking back tears during his recent homecoming in Russell, Kansas.
  10. Alvin and his dancers were welcomed back to the academy as homecoming heroes.
  11. I decided not to put out a special homecoming issue and my sports editor cried.
  12. The homecoming parade and street party will necessitate closing University Avenue.
  13. The homecoming procedure, even after a long and exhausting exercise, is well known.
  14. In many ways,(.com/homecoming.html) the address was a homecoming for the first lady.
  15. And then uh, he was the homecoming king and oh, gosh, that was a bad time in my life.
  16. Originally, the homecoming event was planned for the Los Angeles Police Academy last year.
  17. But today, a year since John McCarthy's homecoming, their worst dread has proved unfounded.
  18. Over the crib, in readiness for her homecoming, he had tacked up his most treasured prints.
  19. She lingered over her meal, putting off the inevitable homecoming for just a little longer.
  20. We arranged a party for my brother's homecoming, when he returned from five years in Australia.
  21. Another part of the homecoming misconception I had to raze was thinking of this as a joyful time.
  22. What a homecoming! thought a pleased Andrew; as the welcome fragrance of his shop greeted him at the door.

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