Use of heroic in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include heroic at the start of sentence, heroic at the end of sentence and heroic in the middle of sentence

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heroic in the middle of sentence

  1. She died a heroic death.
  2. He struck a suitably heroic pose.
  3. She portrayed him as a heroic figure .
  4. This was foolishness on a heroic scale.
  5. He received a medal for his heroic feat.
  6. Poets used to sing of such heroic deeds.
  7. That heroic figure never appears onscreen.
  8. He sounded off about his heroic story again.
  9. Rescuers made heroic efforts to save the crew.
  10. Their heroic exploits will go down in history.
  11. Lawrence's heroic struggle against his destiny.
  12. Many people have heard of the man's heroic deeds.
  13. The company has made heroic efforts at cost reduction.
  14. His heroic deeds were celebrated in all the newspapers.
  15. His heroic deeds were celebrated in every corner of India.
  16. We watched our team's heroic struggle to win back the cup.
  17. The victim put up a heroic struggle against his assailant.
  18. Odysseus's heroic exploits are celebrated in ` The Odyssey '.
  19. The captain's heroic effort inspired them with determination.
  20. Propaganda has turned the former president into a heroic myth.
  21. His heroic action has left a deep impression on people's minds.
  22. The book portrays him as a heroic frontiersman of the Wild West.
  23. The two heroic sisters quickly headed off the panic - stricken sheep.
  24. The heroic deeds of him embodied the glorious tradition of the troops.
  25. Despite Roz's heroic efforts to liven it up, the party was a disaster.
  26. The result suggested dogged industry, rather than heroic improvisation.
  27. It represents a heroic transcendence of the most powerful drives of men.
  28. It was a time not only of heroic inequality but of incredible ostentation.
  29. Her ideas were large: if she could not succeed, she would at least be a heroic failure.

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