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embezzle at the end of sentence

  1. To dishonestly for one's own use; embezzle.

embezzle in the middle of sentence

  1. I suppose they embezzle a lot.
  2. How can you embezzle my family telephone?
  3. The cashier embezzled $ 60,000 from the bank.
  4. The treasurer embezzled 2000 of the club's money.
  5. Two managers were charged with embezzling $400,000.
  6. She embezzled thousands of dollars from the charity.
  7. She insinuate to us that her partner have embezzle fund.
  8. The cashier embezzle $ 50, 000 from the bank and run away.
  9. After embezzling funds he spent time in prison in the 80s.
  10. One former director embezzled $34 million in company funds.
  11. We should not embezzle property that is collectively owned.
  12. He embezzled large amounts of money to finance his gambling.
  13. No organization or individual shall intervene, embezzle and divert.
  14. The clerk embezzled a thousand pounds from the bank where he worked.
  15. It was clear that funds were being embezzled but who could be doing it?
  16. Historical embezzle is containing detail, in detail under cover answer.
  17. Two managers were charged with embezzling $400,000 over a ten-year period.
  18. It was considered as wrong then as it is now to embezzle the Crown's revenues.
  19. The court was told that Julie had been embezzling funds for the last two years.
  20. The clerk was charged with embezzling $3 million from the bank where he worked.
  21. Laing had been embezzling money from a client's account, the Ministry of Public Works.
  22. The head of the branch bank embezzled ten thousand dollars from the bank where he worked.
  23. Thus, in the ordinary course of warehousing, the temptations to embezzle are strictly limited.
  24. DeRusha made the charges after he allegedly embezzled up to $ 619, 000 from the Flynn committee.
  25. His pickers embezzled one pound in twenty and disguised the weight loss by throwing the wool on to wet stones.
  26. The charge sheet reveals that Mr Milosevic and his fellow conspirators allegedly embezzled $ 400m in state funds.
  27. Several years later she also killed Baily, who apparently had discovered that Christine Loyd was embezzling money from her.
  28. Federal prosecutors have established that corrupt private contractors and government officials embezzled more than $ 2.5 million from the department.

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