Use of elastic in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include elastic at the start of sentence, elastic at the end of sentence and elastic in the middle of sentence

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elastic at the end of sentence

  1. The rules are elastic.
  2. Our plans are fairly elastic.
  3. The demand for the product is elastic.
  4. Beat it until the dough is slightly elastic.
  5. The ball was attached to the bat with a piece of elastic .
  6. Demand for this type of holiday will probably be fairly elastic.
  7. The project has only just started so any plans are still very elastic.

elastic in the middle of sentence

  1. The elastic in my clothes has gone.
  2. The elastic in these socks has gone.
  3. This limitation is elastic to a degree.
  4. There was a loud ping as the elastic broke.
  5. In this country, time is an elastic concept.
  6. Then flick the elastic band a couple of times.
  7. This skirt needs some new elastic in the waist.
  8. The elastic at the waist gives a nice snug fit.
  9. Tights are close fitting with elastic waist band.
  10. The water that flows out comes from elastic storage.
  11. A lot of sportswear is made of very elastic material.
  12. She tied the end of her pigtails with an elastic band.
  13. That elastic band will snap if you stretch it too far.
  14. I stretched that piece of elastic to its fullest extent.
  15. The child drew out the elastic until it measured a yard.
  16. Furthermore, jobs are rigid solutions to an elastic problem.
  17. An elastic waist makes these jeans ideal for the larger woman.
  18. The trousers are held up by a length of elastic around the waist.
  19. The new policy was sufficiently elastic to accommodate both views.
  20. Her long fair hair was fastened at the nape of her neck by an elastic band.
  21. Tendons store elastic energy by stretching and then snapping back into shape like rubber bands.
  22. If export and import demand is elastic, then the change in trade volumes will operate to remove the surplus.

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