Use of distrust in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include distrust at the start of sentence, distrust at the end of sentence and distrust in the middle of sentence

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distrust at the start of sentence

  1. Distrust of foreigners can shade into racism.
  2. Distrust of foreigners can shade into racism.WHICH WORD?

distrust at the end of sentence

  1. Perhaps he sensed your distrust.
  2. She was always looked on with distrust.
  3. He looked at the stranger with distrust.
  4. They looked at each other with distrust.
  5. Sonia stared at me with dislike and distrust.
  6. Great efforts were made to overcome public distrust.
  7. Local people regard the police with suspicion and distrust.
  8. Negotiations between unions and management are made more difficult by mutual distrust.

distrust in the middle of sentence

  1. He has a distrust of strangers.
  2. He has a distrust of foreigners.
  3. She has a distrust of journalists.
  4. She had every reason to distrust him.
  5. I have an inherent distrust of lawyers.
  6. He has a deep distrust of all modern technology.
  7. He's so suspicious he would distrust his own mother.
  8. She has a healthy distrust of door-to-door salesmen.
  9. I don't have any particular reason to distrust them.
  10. Her constant lying led me to distrust everything she said.
  11. Increasingly, young people distrust all forms of government.
  12. To an extent East-West distrust continued throughout the war.
  13. Dylan's deep distrust of journalists made him difficult to interview.
  14. Nonconformists retained a deep distrust of their Anglican neighbours.
  15. The two groups have existed in a state of mutual distrust for centuries.
  16. His words were polite, but there were overtones of distrust in his voice.
  17. The foreign minister is so smooth that many of his colleagues distrust him.
  18. History, ancient and modern, has taught these people an intense distrust of their neighbours.
  19. Our reporter looks at reactions to Britain's apparently deep-rooted distrust of her EU partner.

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