Use of assignment in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include assignment at the start of sentence, assignment at the end of sentence and assignment in the middle of sentence

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assignment at the end of sentence

  1. I begged off that assignment.
  2. I had set myself a tough assignment.
  3. She banged away all day at her assignment.
  4. He stayed home to finish up his assignment.
  5. My boss has given me a tough job/assignment.
  6. She's gone to Italy on a special assignment.
  7. He has just come off a difficult assignment.
  8. They tapped her for a reportorial assignment.
  9. She was sent abroad on a difficult assignment.
  10. He's made a monumental cock-up of his first assignment.
  11. He overextended himself when he accepted the additional assignment.
  12. A brave fighter never shrinks from danger in executing an assignment.

assignment in the middle of sentence

  1. She had given the assignment an A.
  2. He has got a new assignment for you.
  3. His assignment was to follow the spy.
  4. What is today's assignment in history?
  5. Your assignment is to dissect the poem.
  6. He was killed while on assignment abroad.
  7. I've been working at my assignment all day.
  8. The teacher set an assignment on pollution.
  9. Why did you take on this assignment if you're so busy?
  10. The photographer is on assignment in China at the moment.
  11. I believe the assignment clearly overmatches my abilities.
  12. You'll need to calculate how much time the assignment will take.
  13. For a man of Harry's ability, that assignment was plain sailing.
  14. He might soon pack up his assignment and return to the United States.
  15. You can go to Hongkong with us so long as you finish your assignment before Friday.
  16. He was taken hostage while on his first foreign assignment as a television journalist.

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