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naming in the middle of sentence

  1. The naming ceremony is so lovely.
  2. My mother insisted on naming me Horace.
  3. I had no hesitation in naming him captain.
  4. But reporting restrictions on naming him were lifted.
  5. The great naming curses flutter into the bland night.
  6. If you don't give me the money, I'm going to start naming names.
  7. The custom of naming women after flowers is becoming less common.
  8. Nobody was prepared to risk prosecution by actually naming names.
  9. In court she gave evidence about her torture, naming the officers involved.
  10. The project will involve investigation of how object naming operates in adults.
  11. The naming of stars is at the discretion of the International Astronomical Union.
  12. In this way, the naming and shaming crisis is a continuation of the Tony Martin story.
  13. The biblical account of Adam naming the world can easily be applied to the mass media.
  14. The England manager will be naming a new captain, to replace the injured David Beckham.
  15. It is revealing in how clear f was and yet I managed to stop short of naming it as racism.
  16. It looks as if they had extorted permission to put their prepared question, naming Salamis.
  17. Glenn Hoddle won't be naming his side, until he's given himself a fitness test on a calf strain.
  18. The commission voted last September to award naming rights for the 35-year-old stadium to the 49ers.
  19. By a simple trick of the intelligence, a deft little twist of naming, he felt incomparably lighter and freer.
  20. In most cases they suggest that language extends well beyond the naming sites defined by electrical stimulation.
  21. So there were parts of me that watched the naming ceremony for the new catapult with some amusement, even contempt.
  22. He claimed Labour had shown desperation tactics by naming four-year-old Matthew to justify a party political broadcast.
  23. The only formality required of a person who wishes to commence trading in this way concerns the naming of the business.
  24. The experiments will be linked to attempts to develop computer models which simulate object naming processes in humans.
  25. City officials vowed to press ahead with the appointment process by interviewing the finalists and naming a chief Feb. 2.
  26. After his death, the scientific community made amends for their initial disrespect by naming the metric unit of energy after him.
  27. The Council would be responsible for naming nine regional councils, each comprising three members including one opposition member.
  28. The naming or nomenclature of chemical substances falls broadly into two categories: inorganic nomenclature and organic nomenclature.
  29. Denbighshire have matched Flintshire's show of strength by naming their most formidable line-up in pursuit of the coveted last-four ticket.

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