Use of wring in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include wring at the start of sentence, wring at the end of sentence and wring in the middle of sentence

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wring at the start of sentence

  1. Wring those wet things out.
  2. Wring the water out of your wet bathing costume.

wring at the end of sentence

  1. Give the towels another wring.

wring in the middle of sentence

  1. I'll wring your neck if you don't behave!
  2. He turned away to wring out the wet shirt.
  3. I'll wring his neck if he does that again!
  4. They managed to wring the truth out of him.
  5. They managed to wring a promise out of her.
  6. I'll wring her neck when I get hold of her!
  7. I managed to wring the information out of him.
  8. It's impossible to wring a donation out of him.
  9. When Dean gets home, I'm going to wring his neck.
  10. No wonder he looked as if he wanted to wring her neck.
  11. Please wring all the water from the soaking-wet shirt.
  12. If I find the person who did this, I'll wring his neck!
  13. Such figures cause narcotics agents to wring their hands.
  14. They managed to wring a few concessions from the government.
  15. I still have the big iron mangle she used to wring out the clothes.
  16. They are always trying to wring additional funds from the government.
  17. Buyers use different ruses to wring free credit out of their suppliers.
  18. Soak a small towel in the liquid, wring it out, then apply to the abdomen.
  19. You do want to wring extra words from your writing like water from a sponge.
  20. But how to wring new information from a few old pieces of vellum and papyrus?
  21. On occasions Mr Parry was seen to wring his hands as he struggled with his emotions.
  22. None the less, he felt annoyed at Eleanor for trying to wring sympathy out of him in this way.
  23. Intermediate rinse-Rinse with fresh hot water and a clean cloth, wring and dry to a damp finish 4.
  24. We were able to wring out our socks in the bathroom sink and dry them under the electric hand dryer.
  25. The twist mop is a modern development of the socket mop with the handle being twisted to wring out the mop.
  26. This is when those photographs are taken and published with their phoney captions which not unnaturally wring the hearts of the uninitiated.

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