Use of underdog in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include underdog at the start of sentence, underdog at the end of sentence and underdog in the middle of sentence

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underdog at the end of sentence

  1. Yes, they are the underdog.
  2. She always roots for the underdog.
  3. She nearly always pulls for underdog.
  4. She took up the cause of the underdog.
  5. She always identifies with the underdog.
  6. She nearly always pulls for the underdog.
  7. Crowds often feel sympathy for the underdog .
  8. In politics, he was a champion of the underdog .
  9. Harriet had always tended to feel compassion towards the underdog.
  10. Try to neutralise these tendencies by taking heed of your owner's complaints, or you may finish up the underdog.

underdog in the middle of sentence

  1. B: I do love the underdog story though.
  2. But the vice-president is now the underdog in this race.
  3. Did they make fun of him for speaking up for the underdog in school?
  4. As a politician, her sympathy was always for the underdog in society.
  5. As the underdog here, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  6. 'The underdog syndrome' is a belief that things are beyond your control.
  7. Most of the crowd were cheering for the underdog to win just this one time.
  8. The losing Pittsburgh Steelers for making a mockery of their underdog status.
  9. Pepsi has responded to this multi-pronged assault by playing the underdog card.
  10. Being in sympathy with the underdog he would be classed as a radical progressive.
  11. Resist oppression, lighten the burden of the underdog, spread understanding and reason.
  12. He had a special sympathy for the underdog, and he enjoyed hobnobbing with all and sundry.
  13. He is the uneducated country underdog who takes on the bad guys from the big city and wins.
  14. Truman, who particularly relished a political battle when he was the underdog, fought back.
  15. A gutsy but vulnerable underdog who swiped the prince and was still one of us at the end of it.
  16. Whether his party is a double winner ... or remains the underdog ... is in the hands of the voters.
  17. That year the underdog Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins for the football championship of the world.
  18. Georgetown was the victim of an inspired underdog when the Hoyas met Big East rival Villanova in the 1985 championship.
  19. Always sympathetic to the underdog, Will felt compassion for vice presidents and urged us not to judge them too harshly.

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