Use of titan in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include titan at the start of sentence, titan at the end of sentence and titan in the middle of sentence

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titan at the start of sentence

  1. Titan 2, Saturn 5 and Cher's water bed. Heat shields?
  2. Titan is unique in having a thick atmosphere made mostly of nitrogen, with some methane and possibly argon.

titan at the end of sentence

  1. Those two were going to give her the creeps if she really had to take them all the way to titan.

titan in the middle of sentence

  1. Gaea: I am the titan Gaea.
  2. Phoebe was a titan, One of the older gods.
  3. The titan gyrated, swinging around in spasm.
  4. The largest moon, titan, is larger than earth.
  5. The titan Arum opens every one to three years.
  6. Series: Tiny titan, E, Reciprocator, Rod Locks.
  7. Turetzky, meanwhile, is a titan of the double-bass.
  8. The titan begins to crush Kratos using his two fingers.
  9. titan mode changes the control points to missile silos.
  10. So, too, in theory, could titan, one of the moons of Saturn.
  11. Sliced and scored, the Apuan Alps look like titan sculptures.
  12. This flawed titan bestrides the history of his age like a colossus.
  13. Kratos is released from Atlas'grasp as the titan laughs humorously.
  14. Meanwhile, though, titan is pushing hard for a commercial stronghold.
  15. I agree to represent titan Triathlon to participate the race during 2010.
  16. Three age, I'm already stay to work an car company, so must to titan for work.
  17. A moment later, the whole massive body of the titan itself lurched and tottered.
  18. More recently, titan 1 and titan 2 ICBMs have been retired from their role as weapons.
  19. Today, only one of those titan missiles remain, a behemoth souvenir from our paranoid past.
  20. A young titan enters the decisive phase of his life when he resolves on marriage and career.
  21. Also in the line of the rings was the bright star of titan, and the fainter sparks of the other moons.
  22. The titan was designed to use only storable propellants, at the price of somewhat inferior specific impulse.
  23. After dabbling in commercial ventures from within titan for nearly four years, the company took a bold new step.
  24. For this shopping trip is partially inspired by a letter I received today, outlining just what an economic titan I am.
  25. Upon retiring, he had had anunprecedented dream of great Cyclopean cities of titan blocks andsky-flung monoliths, all dripping with green ooze and sinister withlatent horror.

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