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thrombolytic at the end of sentence

  1. A compound sound head is connected to an apparatus with diagnosis and positioning thrombolytic.

thrombolytic in the middle of sentence

  1. A second example illustrates the thrombolytic approach.
  2. Pain relief is essential, but I would like my thrombolytic therapy as well.
  3. AIM To investigate thrombolytic effect of recombinant staphylokinase in vivo.
  4. Domain deletion and substitution mutants of t-PA are not superior thrombolytic agents.
  5. OBJECTIVE To study the thrombolytic and hematolytic effect of crude nattokinase in vitro.
  6. AIM To investigate thrombolytic effect of recombinant staphylokinase in vitro and in vivo.
  7. Pre-hospital administration of thrombolytic therapy in the proper hands is feasible and safe.
  8. Objective : To observe the effect of thrombolytic therapy on unstable angina pectoris ( UA ).
  9. The clinical studies demonstrated that r - SK is a safe and effective type thrombolytic agent.
  10. Objective To discuss the effects of target - artery thrombolytic therapy for cerebral embolism.
  11. METHODS: By reviewing literatures about AMI treated with thrombolytic drugs at home and abroad.
  12. Killipgroup, 87 cases, 39 cases with direct PCI treatment, 48 cases with thrombolytic treatment.
  13. The clinical studies demonstrated that r-SK is a safe and effective new type thrombolytic agent.
  14. Conclusion:Naoxuebao had thrombolytic effect, but the effect had no relation with plasmin activating.
  15. Limitations of thrombolysis Currently available thrombolytic agents have several important limitations.
  16. Objective To discuss the effect of early anti - coagulation and thrombolytic therapy in preventing DVT.
  17. Especially in patients considered for thrombolytic therapy in acute stroke further diagnostics is essential.
  18. In this particular case thrombolytic therapy proved useful in dissolving the clot and maintaining vessel patency.
  19. There are some practices who could and should be giving thrombolytic therapy, there are others that can not and should not.
  20. Objective To value the effect of surgical thrombectomy combined with thrombolytic therapy for deep venous thrombosis of lower extremities.
  21. This type of study provided the impetus to investigation of the role of angioplasty for residual thrombosis following thrombolytic therapy.
  22. Six thrombolytic agents are either approved for clinical use or under clinical investigation in some patients with acute myocardial infarction.
  23. In summary, several approaches have produced engineered plasminogen activators with an increased thrombolytic potency in experimental animal models.
  24. Review article Towards improved thrombolytic therapy Cardiovascular diseases are an important cause of death and disability, especially in western societies.
  25. There are circumstances in which the incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate administration of a thrombolytic would be disastrous; for example, acute pericarditis.
  26. Improved thrombolytic therapy will most likely consist of potent specific plasminogen activators in combination with targeted anticoagulant and/or antiplatelet agents.
  27. These substances with anti - tumor , anti - oxidation , lower pressure, thrombolytic, constipation prevention, prevention of Alzheimer's. prevent osteoporosis effects.
  28. The objective is to determine, via MRV, whether the pelvic veins are the source of thrombolytic emboli in cryptogenic stroke patients who also harbor a patent foramen ovale.

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