Use of threshold in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include threshold at the start of sentence, threshold at the end of sentence and threshold in the middle of sentence

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threshold at the end of sentence

  1. I have a high pain threshold .
  2. He stepped across the threshold.
  3. He has a low boredom threshold .
  4. She stood hesitating on the threshold.
  5. She has an extremely low boredom threshold.
  6. Her wages are below the income tax threshold.
  7. My earnings are just above the tax threshold .
  8. He hesitated before stepping across the threshold.
  9. She opened the door and stepped across the threshold.
  10. I noticed her short attention span and low boredom threshold .
  11. The number of people with the disease is reaching a critical threshold.

threshold in the middle of sentence

  1. I have a very low threshold for pain.
  2. He was on the threshold of his career.
  3. He stopped at the threshold of the bedroom.
  4. The creature is on the threshold of extinction.
  5. She caught her foot on the threshold and stumbled.
  6. I'll never cross the threshold of your house again.
  7. She stood on the threshold, unsure whether to enter.
  8. The sound was so loud it was on the threshold of pain.
  9. She felt as though she was on the threshold of a new life.
  10. They earn wages below the decency threshold set by the EU.
  11. We are on the threshold of a new era in European relations.
  12. Where people were concerned, his threshold of boredom was low.
  13. Eighty percent of the vote was the threshold for approval of the plan.
  14. Fewer than forty per cent voted— the threshold for results to be valid.
  15. Below a certain threshold level a person will not be able to detect sound.
  16. His secretary earns £268 a month, well below the threshold for paying tax.
  17. She has a low threshold of boredom and needs the constant stimulation of physical activity.

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