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tariff at the end of sentence

  1. Non EEC countries pay a higher differential tariff.
  2. Is the Secretary of State required by law to adopt the judicial view of the tariff?
  3. There are no statutory rules governing the procedure for deciding a prisoner's tariff.

tariff in the middle of sentence

  1. So Musser raised the tariff to $ 3.
  2. There is a very high tariff on jewelry.
  3. They set a tariff of 36% on British wool cloth.
  4. A general tariff was imposed on foreign imports.
  5. The two-part tariff is not always a feasible solution.
  6. A copy of the tariff is placed in each room of the hotel.
  7. No one had risked more for tariff reform than he had in 1923.
  8. Each of these situations requires a different tariff structure.
  9. The tariff which came into operation in 1880 was a direct response.
  10. The firm obtained a nominal tariff protection of 35 percent in 1981.
  11. Please refer to our tariff of charges for details of these services.
  12. The daily tariff includes accommodation and unlimited use of the pool and gymnasium.
  13. A major development encouraging trade between the advanced countries was tariff cuts.
  14. The question then arises: how high would the tariff have to be to alter the relationship?
  15. The maximum customs tariff on imports was set at 50 percent and the minimum at 10 percent.
  16. A new tariff for low electricity users will also be introduced which has no standing charge.
  17. Women nevertheless do commit crimes and contribute to the tariff of most offence categories.
  18. Customs agents have the power to value imports and, within limits, charge a range of tariff rates.
  19. Snowden, unlike Samuel, was willing to agree in late September to a prohibitive tariff on luxury goods.
  20. The tariff is an instrument invented for the benefit of those who make to be used against those who buy.
  21. Surely the Lord Chancellor should have issued guidance to justices on the tariff for sentencing in such cases.
  22. The shadow cabinet decided in April 1912 that it would abandon the referendum idea and return to the full tariff policy.
  23. Sugar tariff rate quotas are permitted under international trade agreements to protect the U. S. cane and sugar beet industry.
  24. If you incur bank charges, some banks operate a slightly cheaper tariff for direct debits because they are more easily handled.
  25. In cases such as these, trial courts were clearly operating with an offender-based tariff rather than one that was offence-based.
  26. A policy of free trade, rather than membership of a discriminatory trading regime, would have maximised the benefits of tariff reductions.

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