Use of swear in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include swear at the start of sentence, swear at the end of sentence and swear in the middle of sentence

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swear at the end of sentence

  1. Are you sure? --I swear.
  2. It is totally unacceptable for children to swear.

swear in the middle of sentence

  1. I swear I'll never leave you.
  2. I can swear by my reputation.
  3. It's wrong to swear and shout.
  4. I swear by God I didn't mean it.
  5. The swear words were edited out .
  6. I swear I'll never fail you again.
  7. He heard her swear under her breath.
  8. I heard him mutter a mild swear word.
  9. Don't swear in front of the children.
  10. I swear to God I didn't know about it.
  11. I swear to you, I don't know anything.
  12. I swear I won't tell anyone your secret.
  13. Don't swear at him; it's all of my faults.
  14. Why did you let him swear at you like that?
  15. Soldiers must swear allegiance to the King.
  16. You should swear by Anna who's a good lawyer.
  17. The slaves had to swear obedience to their masters.
  18. That's one of the strongest swear words in Spanish.
  19. If we fell in love again I swear I'd love you right.
  20. Soldiers must swear allegiance to the Crown/the King.
  21. Will you swear to it that you'll always live on your own?
  22. I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give ...
  23. Servicemen have to swear an oath of loyalty to their country.
  24. You'd swear he was a cardboard cut-out except that he'd moved his rifle.
  25. All members had to swear a solemn oath never to reveal the secrets of the organization.

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