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sprocket at the start of sentence

  1. Sprocket holes: Feed holes in paper tape.
  2. Sprocket: round, toothed object that turns on an axel.
  3. Sprocket most taboo even Sprocket , the chain Sprocket on the accelerated wear!
  4. Sprocket wheel's process method was analyzed and series Sprocket wheel's milling cutter was designed.

sprocket at the end of sentence

  1. These fees are determined by your government, not Wheel & sprocket.
  2. Picture, for example, a bicycle pedal as it turns round the sprocket.

sprocket in the middle of sentence

  1. You must have a sprocket loose.
  2. Line 3 Deco chain path return sprocket failed.
  3. The positive sprocket drive ensures stable running.
  4. Astoundingly, the sprocket is powered solely by human energy.
  5. Net chain. Net chain chain. sprocket. conveyors. Food conveyor belt.
  6. The sprocket adjusted , the engineer called up the gang and the men took their place.
  7. The balance shaft has a first end for connection to the drive sprocket and a center bore.
  8. The trunnion sprocket has come off the pinion, but do not worry - we'll soon but that right.
  9. Besides while uses special become shape cutting tool time, still can process sprocket or ratchet wheel.
  10. Lanxi City - morning Machinery Plant is a bike sprocket crank the processing of professional production companies.
  11. Group administered import and export trade, product sales company, sprocket plant, vibration and dairy plantplant.
  12. The paper enumerates section calculation formula of sprocket hob grinding abrasive wheel and its calculation process.
  13. Power separating, hydraulic - mechanic drive, single stage torque converter is used in SD 8 elevale sprocket bulldozer.
  14. The curvilinear shape of sprocket wheel is the main cause of arching phenomenon of sintering pallets in the return rail.
  15. Move the valve plate moves from the valve plate cross walk tissue valve plate lower sprocket drive transmission pin to honor.
  16. The utility model relates to a sprocket square head, in particular to a sprocket square head connected with a sprocket of a bicycle.
  17. I was the Secretary for sprocket factory in China Huangshan sprocket factory is specializing in the production chain wheel manufacturers.
  18. If you use continuous stationery, please remove sprocket margins and separate the sheets clearly into individual documents for each employee.
  19. The range includes track roller, carrier roller, sprocket, idler, track link assembly, track shoe, track bolt and nut, bucket pin and bushing etc.
  20. By analyzing the velocity fluctuation of the pallet cars in the sintering machine, the varying tooth pitch design of the sprocket wheel was presented.
  21. By combining the meshing principle with the actual working condition between the sprocket wheel and the pallet cars, the basic tooth profile curve was obtained.
  22. The utility model discloses a wrapping mechanism for thermal shrinkage plastic film packing machine comprising an axis, a bottle conveying belt, and a sprocket gear.
  23. Compared with the existing sprocket gear, the utility model has the advantages of high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, noise elimination, long service life, etc.

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