Use of soybean in Sentences. 28 Examples

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soybean at the start of sentence

  1. Soybean and milk can create all kinds of food.
  2. Soybean short peptide of 95.5% protein content was a white powder with excellent solubility in water or acid without hygroscopy and strange smell.

soybean at the end of sentence

  1. Heliothis viriplaca is an important leaf-feeding insect for soybean.

soybean in the middle of sentence

  1. They raised the baby on soybean milk.
  2. I had some soybean milk for breakfast.
  3. Turkey are fed mainly corn and soybean meal.
  4. Products: green soybean, golden pear, asparagus lettuce.
  5. Interested in northeast soybean please telex CIF London price.
  6. The Agriculture Department has a soybean germplasm collection.
  7. We serve soybean milk or rice gruel instead of coffee and juice.
  8. It ought not to be coconut oil, but rather soybean or corn oil. 4.
  9. Armiger found differential tolerance to Al among soybean varieties.
  10. Seed size is one of the important factors of soybean Glycine max L.
  11. The modified soybean oligosaccharides don t have flatulent phenomenon.
  12. Removal of flowers and pods from flowering soybean plants also delays leaf aging.
  13. He initially fed his program with examples of expert knowledge about soybean diseases.
  14. One such is made with corn oil and skim milk; another, soybean oil and sodium caseinate.
  15. Ingredient: soybean, Water, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, malt sugar, Soy , plant flavor, pimiento.
  16. On Monday, soybean and grain prices were battered in part because of forecasts calling for improved conditions.
  17. The method can be used for analyzing 5 elements ( Cu, Zn, Co , Fe, Mn ) in soybean and soybean ? ? s substitute by AAS.
  18. Nor did any allergic reactions arise in those who ate the meat of animals who had been fed a gene-spliced soybean diet.
  19. The sensitivity of soybean cultivars to Agrobacterium tumefaciens is commonly low and there is significant difference among genotypes.
  20. The extract from soybean whey was identified by color reaction, ultraviolet spectrum and high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC).
  21. Meanwhile, USDA reported that Asian soybean rust was found in Georiga's southwestern most county of Seminole , near the town of Donalsonville.
  22. The effects on physicochemical property of wheat flour and quality of steamed bread by adding the defatted soybean flour to wheat flour were studied.
  23. Powered with a strong 1/4 horsepower motor, the HT Homogenizer has been successfully used to homogenize tough samples such as corn, rice, soybean, and Arabidopsis callus.
  24. Therefore, the techniques of replacing soybean cake with the urea protein concentrate and using corn stover treated by NaOH in TMR and pelleting of TMR were all practical.
  25. In this study, 300 soybean and 100 common bean germplasm conserved in National Crop GeneBank were screened for seed-borne viruses by serological and molecular biological methods.

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