Use of snag in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include snag at the start of sentence, snag at the end of sentence and snag in the middle of sentence

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snag at the end of sentence

  1. The nature study project has run into a snag.

snag in the middle of sentence

  1. The only snag is, I can't afford it!
  2. A minor snag is that it's expensive.
  3. There must be a snag in it somewhere.
  4. There was a snag in the car-bomb plan.
  5. I have a snag in my best black tights.
  6. The only snag is that I have no money.
  7. The only snag is that uncomfortable proviso.
  8. The snag is that it has no main bank behind it.
  9. I suddenly saw the major snag with the whole idea.
  10. Be careful not to snag your coat on the barbed wire.
  11. However, there is a considerable snag with this theory.
  12. There is a snag to the job: you have to work at weekends.
  13. The snag about an endowment mortgage is its inflexibility.
  14. The grand opening hit a snag when no one could find the key.
  15. There is just one small snag—where is the money coming from?
  16. However, there's a snag in this intergalactic transportation scheme.
  17. The only snag was that I had bad after-effects from the anaesthetic.
  18. We've hit a technical snag: the printer isn't compatible with my PC.
  19. It's an interesting job. The only snag is that it's not very well paid.
  20. Another snag with optical fibre is spurious reflection inside the fibre.
  21. The case hit a snag in October when the judge handling it had to be replaced.
  22. A police clampdown on car thieves hit a snag when villains stole one of their cars.
  23. The drug is very effective - the only snag is that it cannot be produced in large quantities.
  24. The big snag for listeners is that the equipment for receiving the surround-sound is not yet on sale.
  25. However the textured topside can easily mark or snag, and paste can not be successfully removed from it.
  26. The main snag is that damage usually goes unnoticed until large bare patches start to appear in the crop or sward.
  27. The snag with this is that the suppressed feelings are still experienced internally rather than avoided or prevented.
  28. The snag in all this thinking was that most of the people involved knew little or nothing about producing mass-market newspapers.

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