Use of skint in Sentences. 18 Examples

The examples include skint at the start of sentence, skint at the end of sentence and skint in the middle of sentence

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skint at the end of sentence

  1. I can't go out tonight-I'm skint.
  2. I get paid each Friday, and by Tuesday I'm always skint.
  3. Leeds under O'Leary and Ridsdale were the nearly men: nearly won the league, nearly reached the Champions League final, then nearly went skint.

skint in the middle of sentence

  1. I'm skint at the moment.
  2. I'm skint! Lend us a tenner.
  3. He skint his words once yet again.
  4. He skint his words once over again.
  5. I can't, I'm really skint this month.
  6. I some kind ofd Li Ming skint the window.
  7. He is a skint guy , and I won't marry him.
  8. I am skint, can not afford famous brand shoe!
  9. I sold my record collection when I was skint one time.
  10. I'm really skint -- you couldn't lend me a few quid could you?
  11. At that time I was skint, and I would have taken any job I could get.
  12. Would you like to join someone who skint his leg when he stole chickens.
  13. Can you lend me some money to tide me over? I'm a bit skint at the moment.
  14. A skinny , sickly and, for much of his life , skint individual , Perutz is an unlikely hero.
  15. Nearly half have used credit cards or overdraft when skint and 58 per cent say only keeping away from the high street would stop them spending.

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