Use of secrete in Sentences. 29 Examples

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secrete at the end of sentence

  1. Oak, I have learnt a little about your secrete.

secrete in the middle of sentence

  1. The kidneys secrete urine.
  2. The sweat glands secrete water.
  3. The pores of your body secrete sweat.
  4. Chief cells make and secrete pepsinogen.
  5. Squirrels secrete a supply of nuts for winter.
  6. And lastly, they secrete a hormone called relaxin.
  7. T cell whether synthesize and secrete lymphatic factor?
  8. The period during which the mammary glands secrete milk.
  9. They also secrete a waxy, transparent substance called cutin.
  10. Substances differentiated tissues secrete are called chalone.
  11. How does urethral trichomonad disease undertake secrete cure?
  12. The equilibrium grease secrete, softens the horniness, improvement skin.
  13. These neurons secrete dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in the control of movements.
  14. The endocrine glands secrete behavior-regulating hor-mones directly into the bloodstream.
  15. The type of character that almost convinces you that some human females secrete pheromones.
  16. Parts of their roots secrete acid which dissolves phosphorus from normally insoluble sources.
  17. The cockroach has two corpora cardiaca, which are the organs that secrete my precious hormone.
  18. Hepatoma cells in culture secrete PLA2 into the culture medium when stimulated by interleukin 6.
  19. Many of those that live in the sea secrete shells with the most elaborate structure of silica or lime.
  20. Many confined invertebrates secrete slime or mucus that insidiously poisons the fishes and often themselves.
  21. They secrete lime, forming stony cushions near the shores of the Pool and teetering columns at greater depths.
  22. Most tumors secrete hormones that stimulate new vessel growth around them, to speed delivery of oxygen-rich blood.
  23. The cell's response to stimulation is to secrete norepinephrine; the amount secreted falls as the stimulation is repeated.
  24. Some species manage to live on land in humid tropical forests, undulating on mucus that they secrete from their undersides.
  25. This is partly because woodlice secrete chemicals which many spiders find unpalatable, and partly because of their tough armour.
  26. Furthermore, cultured mononuclear cells isolated from inflammatory bowel disease mucosa spontaneously secrete large amounts of IgG.
  27. How could quasi-independent microscopic cells collaborate to secrete a million glassy splinters and construct such an intricate and beautiful lattice?
  28. Indeed, purified antigen-specific B lymphocytes from HIV-1-infected patients can be activated invitro by HIV-1 antigens to secrete cytokines and immunoglobulins.

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