Use of scoff in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include scoff at the start of sentence, scoff at the end of sentence and scoff in the middle of sentence

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scoff at the end of sentence

  1. You are pleased to scoff.

scoff in the middle of sentence

  1. Where's all the scoff gone?
  2. Don't scoff: he's quite right.
  3. But observers scoff at such notions.
  4. He liked to scoff aloud at Louis XVIII.
  5. You are not supposed to scoff at religion .
  6. We scoff at their education, habits and tastes.
  7. All who pass by her scoff and shake their fists.
  8. Twenty and 10 every night is nothing to scoff at.
  9. She used to scoff the whole plate when she came round.
  10. Ice cream was seen a suitable scoff for younger children.
  11. More orthodox scholars are inclined to scoff at such theories.
  12. Citizens of other cities may scoff at Melbourne's brown river.
  13. I was no more to her than a morsel of scoff in the fuel - house.
  14. Some experts scoff at that but admit that the reluctance exists.
  15. You may scoff but I honestly feel I'm being cruel only to be kind.
  16. Shall your boasts silence men ? And shall you scoff and none rebuke?
  17. All those who scoff at Ian Fleming's spy fantasies should think again.
  18. Even scoff they must get out of debt owing in their earlier generation.
  19. I have friends who, I suspect, secretly scoff at my mild work-out routines.
  20. They scoff, and speak with malice; in their arrogance they threaten oppression.
  21. Republicans scoff at the suggestion Mr Obama has a unique claim the public service ethos.
  22. There was purpose and feeling, banter and scoff playing, mingled , on her mobile lineaments.
  23. Still, some in the discount - airline industry scoff at the so - called - speed competition.
  24. To scoff at or curse the little men was to court disaster, for they made formidable enemies.
  25. Entomologists, nutritionists and other insect fanciers scoff at Westerners' bias against bugs.
  26. If you were to ask a woman today if she was turned-on by the growl of a big engine, she would probably scoff at the thought.
  27. Before you scoff at the ridiculousness of such a concept and flick on further down your reader just stop. Indulge me for a moment.

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