Use of rind in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include rind at the start of sentence, rind at the end of sentence and rind in the middle of sentence

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rind at the end of sentence

  1. The cheese has a red waxy rind.
  2. Cut into quarters, then peel away the rind.
  3. The name of the cheese is stamped on the rind.
  4. Serve decorated with the finely shredded lemon rind.
  5. Garnish with asparagus tips, lemon segments, dill and rind.

rind in the middle of sentence

  1. Pare the rind from the fruit.
  2. Pare the rind from the lemons.
  3. Add the grated rind of one lemon.
  4. First, pare the rind from the lemon.
  5. Add the orange segments and rind. 4.
  6. Stir in the lemon rind and seasoning.
  7. Add l lemon rind, sugar, eggs and mix.
  8. He stripped an orange of its rind for me.
  9. Sprinkle the rind inside and over the fish.
  10. Flavour with grated lemon rind and vanilla.
  11. Add the grated rind and juice from the limes.
  12. Discard the bacon rind and cut each rasher in half.
  13. Decorate with orange segments and rind, if you like.
  14. Pare off the rind from the orange using a sharp knife.
  15. Meanwhile, mix the mayonnaise, lemon rind and lemon juice.
  16. Place flour, salt, sugar, orange rind, and juice in a bowl.
  17. Stir in cranberries, walnuts, grated lemon rind and parsley.
  18. Epoisses is a very popular washed rind soft cheese from Burgundy.
  19. Add the grated orange rind and toss the apple slices in the mixture.
  20. The deep red flesh, the black seeds, the vivid green rind glistened.
  21. The spiral rind of a tangerine sits in a white saucer in front of him.
  22. Add the finely grated rind of the orange and lemon, the rum and mixed spice.
  23. Add the grated orange rind and the sherry or milk and fold in with a large spoon.
  24. Or grate the rind on to small pieces of freezer film; wrap tightly, then place in a polythene bag.

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