Use of revolting in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include revolting at the start of sentence, revolting at the end of sentence and revolting in the middle of sentence

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revolting at the end of sentence

  1. The food was revolting!
  2. His feet smelt revolting.
  3. The smell in the cell was revolting.
  4. The smell from the river was revolting.
  5. Whatever does she see in him - he's revolting!
  6. I think the huge scale massacre of pheasants is revolting.
  7. Remember that three piece suite Mrs Killeen had? It was grey and mustard. It was absolutely revolting!

revolting in the middle of sentence

  1. What a revolting smell!
  2. What a revolting colour!
  3. Picking your nose is a revolting habit.
  4. Such a scene does seem too revolting to record.
  5. I don't know how you can eat that revolting stuff!
  6. Have a sniff of this medicine—it smells revolting,doesn't it?
  7. I said to myself that the world is revolting and man is pitiful.
  8. There was a revolting green slime in between the bathroom tiles.
  9. Who's that TV presenter who always wears those revolting sweaters?
  10. Say this is the most toweringly revolting house in all Christendom.
  11. What are you thinking of, entertaining guests here in your revolting lair?
  12. The barracks of the government force was attacked by the revolting soldiers.
  13. Then, as the revolting mess began to ooze out, Helen drew back and shut her eyes.
  14. My whole arm began to smell positively revolting, and the pain was almost unbearable.
  15. The prisoners are revolting against living conditions in the prisons by refusing to eat.
  16. The annoying thing was that the revolting youth had put his finger on a significant point.
  17. Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Welcome back ... later on ... it's revolting but is it art?
  18. That Tyson chose the most flagrant, revolting and despicable way to cheat says something about the basic character of the man.
  19. Sadly, she never carries cash, so any hope of seeing her choose something unusually revolting for daughter-in-law Fergie soon faded.
  20. It was revolting to see these half-starved creatures snuffling around behind the houses or along the river-bank in search of excrement.
  21. Entities zoom around in simulated three-dimensional space, colliding with each other, shooting each other down, swallowing each other amid revolting noises.

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