Use of remarry in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include remarry at the start of sentence, remarry at the end of sentence and remarry in the middle of sentence

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remarry at the start of sentence

  1. Remarry to register under the regulations of the marriage registration.

remarry at the end of sentence

  1. The widower did not remarry.
  2. Why couldn't Cousin Mei remarry?
  3. I never thought Bill would remarry.
  4. Husband: - If I die, will u remarry?
  5. She needed a special dispensation to remarry.
  6. In ancient China, women were not allowed to remarry.
  7. By dispensation from the Church, she was allowed to remarry.
  8. In short, it's either time to remove, redecorate or remarry.
  9. After a lengthy and painful divorce, she vowed never to remarry.
  10. By a special dispensation from the Church, she was allowed to remarry.
  11. More than 80% of divorced men, and 75% of divorced women, go on to remarry.
  12. Judicial separation by the ecclesiastical courts, which did not give a licence to remarry.

remarry in the middle of sentence

  1. She's going to remarry too.
  2. After all, is doing to remarry, really guilty.
  3. Many divorced men remarry and have second families.
  4. If he wanted to remarry, she would be an ideal wife.
  5. She remarry her former husband ten year after their divorce.
  6. Husbands and wives remarry, thinking their spouses are dead.
  7. Most divorcees either remarry or cohabit with another partner.
  8. Finally, looking at those who do remarry reveals a well-kept secret.
  9. Widows were forbidden to remarry and were stoned to death if they did.
  10. People who remarry may have second children if their new are childless.
  11. However , he was in no hurry to remarry - it was too early to make any plans.
  12. If my remarry person, marry a man that has taken a doctor's degree certainly.
  13. As the daughter did not want her father to remarry, she gave him the third degree.
  14. In the same survey a solid majority supported allowing divorced Catholics to remarry in the Church.
  15. Ultimately, I question Clooney's reluctance to remarry but applaud Canalis for knowing what she wants.
  16. Generally speaking, a widower or divorced man was three times as likely to remarry as his female counterpart throughout the period.

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