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relegate meaning in Urdu

(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:

1) relegate


Assign to a lower position; reduce in rank.
She was demoted because she always speaks up.
He was broken down to Sergeant.
عہدہ کم کرنا
تنزلی کرنا
درجہ کم کرنا
درجہ گھٹانا

2) relegate


Expel, as if by official decree.
He was banished from his own country.
جلاوطن کرنا
جلا وطن کر دینا

3) relegate


Assign to a class or kind.
How should algae be classified?
People argue about how to relegate certain mushrooms.
قسم بندی کرنا

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