Use of punish in Sentences. 29 Examples

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punish in the middle of sentence

  1. If you fail, don't punish yourself.
  2. Don't punish a child who wets the bed.
  3. Don't punish your child for being honest.
  4. How would you punish somebody for stealing?
  5. He defended his decision to punish the boy.
  6. The law prescribes how to punish this crime.
  7. You can't punish me for something I didn't do.
  8. Never punish children by making them go hungry.
  9. It's a bit strong to punish her for such a small thing.
  10. They arrogate to themselves the power to punish people.
  11. It's a bIt'strong to punish her for such a small thing.
  12. My parents used to punish me by not letting me watch TV.
  13. Parents don't punish their children so severely these days.
  14. The House voted to punish the senator with a formal reprimand.
  15. My parents decided to punish me by withdrawing financial support.
  16. He was trying to punish her for deserting him all those years ago.
  17. For your crime, the court will punish you with two years in prison.
  18. He was adamant in his determination to punish the corrupt officials.
  19. We should try to reform criminals through labor rather than punish them.
  20. We should try to reform criminals through labour rather than punish them.
  21. It's unfair to punish a whole class for the actions of one or two students.
  22. He promised to punish severely any officials found guilty of electoral fraud.
  23. Current employment laws will be changed to reward effort and punish laziness.
  24. If you persist in upsetting her[Sentence dictionary], I will have to punish you.
  25. The government voted to punish corruption in sport with up to four years in jail.
  26. According to present law, the authorities can only punish smugglers with small fines.
  27. He said that when he was a boy, his father used to take a stick to him to punish him.
  28. Richard could easily destroy her personal property to punish her for walking out on him.
  29. It is the business of the police to prevent and detect crime and of the law courts to punish crime.

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