Use of puddle in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include puddle at the start of sentence, puddle at the end of sentence and puddle in the middle of sentence

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puddle at the end of sentence

  1. Don't step in the puddle.
  2. Billy trod in a big puddle.
  3. Don't stand in that puddle!
  4. Don't drive through that puddle.
  5. I accidentally stepped in a puddle.
  6. Mind you don't tread in that puddle.
  7. Careful you don't tread in that puddle.
  8. Today her eyes were as dull as a puddle.
  9. To dance is to stretch up into the warm sun or jump clear across a dauntingly large puddle.
  10. Within himself he would have a sensation of liquefying with giggles and of becoming extremely thin, like a puddle.

puddle in the middle of sentence

  1. A puddle is a little mirror.
  2. The puddle evaporated rapidly in the sun.
  3. The children always puddle about after a rain.
  4. She hopped over the next puddle, then the next.
  5. There was a puddle of water on the kitchen floor.
  6. The puddle suddenly disappears and I look over at Marie.
  7. He had fallen asleep, his head resting in a puddle of beer.
  8. Instead, a burnt man kneels near a puddle, quietly brooding.
  9. She flew down puddle Lane, round the corner, and back into Market Square.
  10. The water dripped steadily from his anorak to make a puddle on the floor.
  11. I sort of dabble my foot in it like it's a puddle. I never knew Marie was married.
  12. It glittered up at me like a black diamond from the edge of the puddle where it lay.
  13. With a whoop he leapt over a huge spreading puddle where a drain was blocked with litter.
  14. The photograph showed a man lying prone on the pavement, a puddle of blood about his head.
  15. Then he switched on the torch and splashed through the puddle in the concrete to the shed.
  16. Had I been allowed to puddle around on my own, people today might curl their lips at Faldo's approach.
  17. The boy stepped out of the puddle and began to take off his running shoes, still grumbling to himself.
  18. Rain joined him in the doorway but there was no time to speak before Cobalt splashed through the puddle to them.

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