Use of pry in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include pry at the start of sentence, pry at the end of sentence and pry in the middle of sentence

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pry at the end of sentence

  1. I didn't mean to pry.
  2. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.
  3. Anna is a private person, and I did not want to pry.

pry in the middle of sentence

  1. We use an iron bar to pry open the box.
  2. She likes to pry into private affairs of others.
  3. Was that why you wanted to pry into my private life?
  4. As a reporter, I was paid to pry into other people's lives.
  5. We finally managed to pry the door open with a screwdriver.
  6. If you want to know his name, you have to pry it out of her.
  7. Limes, also called linden or pry, are light, romantic trees.
  8. But she could not pry from the network the origin of the money.
  9. I don't want to pry , but I need to ask you one or two questions.
  10. You reach in, grasp hold of one can, and pry it out of the plastic.
  11. Can you help me pry the cover off this wooden box without breaking it?
  12. I am not the person that you are able to pry away from their friendship.
  13. And damn him for daring to pry into my affairs and for subtly mocking my singular state!
  14. Employers shouldn't try to pry into what a person does in the privacy of their own home.
  15. Thus, the more the mind seeks to pry into reality the farther does reality retreat from it.
  16. Rescuers were met with a chaotic scene and crews had to use cranes to pry open the twisted cars.
  17. That is their secret, and will remain so; it behoves us not to pry, only to speculate in passing.
  18. Apart from that, life had taught her to pry because sometimes doing so turned up the most surprising things.
  19. He had had enough experience of strangers probing his own hurts without wanting to pry into those of others.
  20. I hear them in there pry up his forehead like a manhole cover(.com/pry.html), clash and snarl of jammed cogs.
  21. The accumulation of obligations made it nearly impossible for the children to pry loose from the entanglement.
  22. There used to be two small hamlets just outside but part of the village, known as Mill Cottages and pry Cottages.
  23. Maury Maverick managed to pry out of the Pentagon the religious affiliations of the 220 who died that day in Beirut.
  24. The two companies have used discounting to pry corporate clients from each other in what today is a domestic duopoly.
  25. What child would not delight in the temporary absence of the parents, which permits a chance to pry into their secrets?
  26. But according to plaintiffs' attorneys, the privilege log could be invaluable in helping them pry loose potentially damning documents.

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