Use of pronouncement in Sentences. 22 Examples

The examples include pronouncement at the start of sentence, pronouncement at the end of sentence and pronouncement in the middle of sentence

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pronouncement at the start of sentence

  1. Pronouncement: The Studio operates completely independently and hasn't any branch.
  2. Pronouncement: The company operates completely independently and hasn't any branch.

pronouncement at the end of sentence

  1. Of course, he could make no pronouncement.
  2. A source of moral or ethical judgment or pronouncement.
  3. Occasionally, Paulson would make a bold policy pronouncement.
  4. After presenting me with a bag of tomatoes, she glanced at my mangled leg and made the pronouncement.
  5. Milosevic, who has remained in seclusion for the past two weeks, has yet to make any public pronouncement.
  6. A few years ago, the pope upped the ante and added a written loyalty oath to him and his every pronouncement.

pronouncement in the middle of sentence

  1. Broad pronouncement of the week: We are entitled brats.
  2. She made an official pronouncement on changes in government policy.
  3. The official pronouncement was that they intended to fight fire with fire.
  4. He made a public pronouncement that the Philharmonie was impossible to record in.
  5. There has been no official pronouncement yet on the state of the president's health.
  6. By law, Pope is allowed seven days from the pronouncement of the verdict and sentence to appeal.
  7. But it might as well be shouted from the housetops, that majestic pronouncement, proof or no proof.
  8. The executors of the earlier will sought the court's pronouncement for the validity of the 1978 will.
  9. What John is doing in each situation is very much the same: he is making a pronouncement about something.
  10. However, Mr Hurd's pronouncement yesterday removes that incentive, leaving the Labour move almost certain to fail.
  11. A recent pronouncement by a former Education Minister serves to remind us of the kind of thinking we must guard against.
  12. That is what is implied by O'Regan's pronouncement that today it is impossible to follow Bohme, i.e., Gnostic life is closed to man.
  13. Two centuries after Hale's pronouncement, Pollock B. unequivocally expressed his support for the marital rape exemption in similar terms.
  14. Irving Fisher's ill-timed pronouncement, just before the crash of 1929, that "stocks have reached a permanently high plateau" will never be forgotten.

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