Use of postpaid in Sentences. 13 Examples

The examples include postpaid at the start of sentence, postpaid at the end of sentence and postpaid in the middle of sentence

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postpaid at the end of sentence

  1. The price be 5.95 postpaid.
  2. The price is 5.95 postpaid.
  3. The kit costs $33.95 postpaid.
  4. Calendars are available for $10.95 postpaid.
  5. When does the billing cycle start?Do I prepaid or postpaid?

postpaid in the middle of sentence

  1. A postpaid reply card is enclosed.
  2. I am postpaid user, I want to change a new number, should I pay?
  3. For years, the postpaid business model has dominated the US cell phone market.
  4. For postpaid card, you can use recharge card, or go to our office or use electronic.
  5. All services can be charged either offline as postpaid or online from the user's prepaid account .
  6. In the postpaid mode, GCM Client displays the time elapsed along with the updating price of the session.
  7. Will be similar to prepaid and postpaid subscribers between users of the type of business, Li Fangping cited in the indictment as much as 8.
  8. When we do postpaid TV commercials, this will run for a very long time and as such there is cost savings since we don't have to cut new TV commercials for postpaid promotions.

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