Use of possessive in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include possessive at the start of sentence, possessive at the end of sentence and possessive in the middle of sentence

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possessive at the end of sentence

  1. 'Ours' is a possessive.
  2. She: Why are you so possessive?
  3. Horses can be very jealous, and very possessive.

possessive in the middle of sentence

  1. 'My'is a possessive adjective.
  2. He was very possessive towards her.
  3. He's pretty possessive about his car.
  4. He's so possessive about his new car.
  5. 'Hers' is the possessive form of 'her'.
  6. Jimmy's very possessive about his toys.
  7. They were possessive about their servants.
  8. 'Mine' and 'yours' are possessive pronouns.
  9. The child was very possessive with his toys.
  10. She had always been possessive of her brother.
  11. Nick's starting to get possessive and jealous.
  12. She was terribly possessive of our eldest son.
  13. Got too possessive, kept wanting to play house.
  14. People were very possessive about their coupons.
  15. Some parents are too possessive of their children.
  16. Danny could be very jealous and possessive about me.
  17. He is a possessive, duplicitous and unreasonable man.
  18. Why should he feel so possessive about some old photos?
  19. 'Anne's', 'the boy's', 'the boys'' are possessive forms.
  20. Was she actually feeling possessive about her companion?
  21. He could also be very possessive, especially towards women.
  22. She's very possessive about her toys and finds it hard to share.
  23. Her boyfriend was getting too possessive so she finished with him.
  24. He's a bit possessive about his CDs - I wouldn't dare ask to borrow them.
  25. Meredith felt breathlessness claim her as his possessive arms wrapped around her once more.
  26. After a possessive , some, any, both or a number, unless it is used with an adjective:We'd like to exchange our home with a British family's .

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