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(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:
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1) positive


Characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty etc.
A positive attitude.
The reviews were all positive.
A positive benefit.
A positive demand.

2) positive

Persuaded of; very sure.
Were convinced that it would be to their advantage to join.
I am positive he is lying.
Was confident he would win.
قائل ہونا

3) positive

Impossible to deny or disprove.
Incontrovertible proof of the defendant's innocence.
Proof positive.
An irrefutable argument.
ناقابل تردید

4) positive

Marked by excessive confidence.
An arrogant and cocksure materialist.
So overconfident and impudent as to speak to the queen.
The less he knows the more positive he gets.

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