Use of penniless in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include penniless at the start of sentence, penniless at the end of sentence and penniless in the middle of sentence

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penniless at the end of sentence

  1. The legal dispute left them penniless.
  2. Uncle Charlie was jobless and penniless.
  3. Laura found herself virtually penniless.
  4. When the family came here from Russia, they were penniless.
  5. I had reached their house late at night from the train station, absolutely penniless.
  6. She says she's highly embarrassed, but the alternative is being homeless and penniless.
  7. Serious inroads had now been made into my pitiful cash reserves and tomorrow I would be penniless.

penniless in the middle of sentence

  1. He died penniless in Paris.
  2. She fell in love with a penniless artist.
  3. He found himself penniless in a strange city.
  4. Alone now and almost penniless, he was bereft of hope.
  5. Alone and penniless, I was forced to live on my wits .
  6. She died penniless and was buried in an unmarked grave.
  7. She died penniless, in 1951, of liver and heart failure.
  8. The penniless author successfully wooed and married Fanny.
  9. They'd soon be penniless and homeless if she couldn't find suitable work.
  10. A group of deaf people were left penniless after their holiday was cancelled.
  11. Jobless and penniless , he had to sleep rough in the fields for several months.
  12. Because of her medical and her legal bills, she is now penniless and deeply in debt.
  13. He lived well, helping the poor, and all other people; he died penniless and unknown.
  14. As penniless brokers they often had to dissipate energy on make-do and mend activities.
  15. He was broke, stranded, and penniless, and pleaded with Mum to send him his return fare money.
  16. If you will have it, yes, there were debts that did not permit of my marrying a penniless girl.
  17. Now there's Dan Crawley in hospital with the pneumonia, and poor Jenny is penniless by all accounts.
  18. A fatherless, penniless boy - possessed of great determination, faith, and courage - seeks his fortune.
  19. He died penniless, with over £17,000 owing to him, on 27 December 1650, unable to pay his doctor's bill.
  20. But despite the vast amounts he earned in his career, Hunt was reportedly penniless at the time of his death.
  21. In the late Fifties and early Sixties these proved irresistible to a group of penniless artists looking for space for free.
  22. Ruling over these penniless black workpeople was a society of cultivated, well-mannered whites, a powerful colonial aristocracy.

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