Use of passim in Sentences. 10 Examples

The examples include passim at the start of sentence, passim at the end of sentence and passim in the middle of sentence

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passim at the end of sentence

  1. Vide the press passim.
  2. This occurs in Chaucer passim.
  3. Dueling occurs in his writings passim.
  4. Aldersgate Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1915-26, passim.

passim in the middle of sentence

  1. It needs urgently to carry on research and design a new MWC of passim makers.
  2. Bereshit, passim ), and it was God's first revelation, in which He Himself took part.
  3. Et passim , who recite the history of Israel's redemption from Egypt and other enemies.
  4. There was considerable amount of tipping paper remaining on the exhausted bobbin after automatic splicing in passim assembler.
  5. Monitoring and quick diagnosing of the device state of passim cigaretter making and assemling combination and the quality of product are achieved .
  6. The author analyzed the construction of the electric control system applied to the imported passim 8000 cigarette making machine and the application of Field Bus in it.

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