Use of parlay in Sentences. 11 Examples

The examples include parlay at the start of sentence, parlay at the end of sentence and parlay in the middle of sentence

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parlay at the end of sentence

  1. Intelligent value-added service Platform Based on parlay.
  2. Intelligent Value - Added Service Platform Based on parlay.

parlay in the middle of sentence

  1. She hopes to parlay her success as a model into an acting career.
  2. Old parlay groaned, moved one arm impotently, and opened his eyes.
  3. You know , I may ultimately want to parlay into the action movie arena.
  4. His major was economics, but there is no record of any attempt to parlay it into a career.
  5. Service for next generation network based on parlay API ( application programming interface ) is studied.
  6. Without these essential lessons , you remain and unable to parlay mistakes into valuable learning opportunities.
  7. Workers that have developed unique skills that they parlay into jobs or their own businesses have enjoyed more success.
  8. He is a moderate who won election and later was able to parlay that experience into national exposure as a Washington outsider.
  9. In many states, liberalized workers' compensation programs have permitted unscrupulous employees to parlay minor ailments into early retirements.

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