Use of par in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include par at the start of sentence, par at the end of sentence and par in the middle of sentence

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par at the start of sentence

  1. Par for the course is 72.

par at the end of sentence

  1. Your shares are at par.
  2. These 2 things are on a par .
  3. Are you feeling a bit under par?
  4. His performance was not up to par.
  5. The champion was playing well below par.
  6. I didn't think her performance was up to par.
  7. She went round the course in three under par.
  8. The notes are currently trading at 10% above par.
  9. His performance at the concert was well under par.
  10. Tiger Woods finished the round 10 below/under par.
  11. Teaching in some subjects has been well below par.
  12. Duffy's primitive guitar playing is well below par.
  13. I may take tomorrow off if I'm still feeling under par.

par in the middle of sentence

  1. The last hole is a par five.
  2. I'm feeling a bit below par today.
  3. Her work hasn't been up to par lately.
  4. He is the elder statesman par excellence.
  5. He said long hours are par for the course.
  6. The TV programme was not up to par tonight.
  7. He was five under par after the first round.
  8. She turned out to be an organizer par excellence.
  9. Bresson is par excellence the Catholic film-maker.
  10. This is undoubtedly the cooking chocolate par excellence.
  11. He has been a meticulous manager, a manager par excellence.
  12. The wages of clerks were on a par with those of manual workers.
  13. Drama critics have put her on a level/par with the great Shakespearean actresses.
  14. We will have Christmas decorations on a par with anything on show at the MetroCentre.
  15. The regeneration of the city's downtown dock front will put it on a par with Nice or Cannes.

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