Use of painstakingly in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include painstakingly at the start of sentence, painstakingly at the end of sentence and painstakingly in the middle of sentence

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painstakingly at the end of sentence

  1. They measured it all out painstakingly.

painstakingly in the middle of sentence

  1. He's always painstakingly at his books.
  2. The old painting was painstakingly restored.
  3. She painstakingly explained how the machine worked.
  4. He advocates painstakingly that buys down this base.
  5. Doctors painstakingly pieced together the broken bones.
  6. Broken bones were painstakingly pieced together and reshaped.
  7. The building has been painstakingly restored to all its former elegance.
  8. Rotting food, excrement, broken glass had to be painstakingly cleaned up later.
  9. The old painting was damaged in the flood and had to be painstakingly restored.
  10. For twenty-five years he painstakingly amassed evidence to support his hypothesis.
  11. The crumpled paper turned out to be more funnies that he had painstakingly cut out.
  12. Every aspect of the original has been closely studied and painstakingly reconstructed.
  13. He divided the carpet into sections and painstakingly covered it with strips of Sellotape.
  14. I dissected preserved larvae into their component appendages and painstakingly traced each detail.
  15. Surely this is too early to embark on new ideas - obscuring what we have so painstakingly created.
  16. Most adults do it almost unthinkingly, but for young children it's a painstakingly complicated business.
  17. It was a shabby army-surplus shoulder-bag which some one had painstakingly embroidered with purple stars.
  18. So before my call-up I went to old Mr Grover in Darrowby and he painstakingly did all that was necessary.
  19. They see and they hear. Like ancient monks, you know, who recorded knowledge, wrote it painstakingly down.
  20. The organisation he had so painstakingly built up had successfully weathered several crises over the past week.
  21. So much for the truce, painstakingly pieced together by Bill Clinton and his unique brand of insomnia diplomacy.
  22. He has painstakingly stripped the cheap latex paint away from an elaborately painted mural recalling grander days.
  23. Downstream again and known as Lentia by the Romans is Linz, a picturesque and painstakingly restored historic city.
  24. They were devoted to rock and roll, they wore curious hairstyles with quiffs and DAs painstakingly greased into place.
  25. The hawks had brought down many strange species over the centuries and the falconers had, very painstakingly, taken notes.
  26. Picture and sound had to be recorded separately, one on film, the other on audiotape, and then painstakingly synchronized.
  27. But one small group enhanced those images electronically, studied them avidly, and painstakingly identified each of the perpetrators.
  28. The letter's painstakingly constructed diplomatic language continued to cause translation problems, even after both sides had agreed it.

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