Use of overvalue in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include overvalue at the start of sentence, overvalue at the end of sentence and overvalue in the middle of sentence

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overvalue at the start of sentence

  1. Overvalued currencies kept the price of imported goods low, crowding out locally produced goods.

overvalue in the middle of sentence

  1. Intelligence can be overvalued.
  2. Be careful not to overvalue yourself.
  3. You overvalued the high tech of that product.
  4. The company is overvalued on the stock market.
  5. He should be careful not to overvalue himself.
  6. Or that stock prices have been vastly overvalued.
  7. Analysts grossly overvalued the company's inventories.
  8. We generally tend to overvalue money and undervalue art.
  9. Many, perhaps all, Internet stocks are hugely overvalued.
  10. First consumers tended to overvalue higher denomination money.
  11. Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.
  12. Past policies favouring over-valued currencies have proved unsustainable.
  13. As 1996 begins, monetary environment favorable but stocks overvalued on fundamentals.
  14. The overvalue phenomenon was clearly demonstrated in 1980s' US real estate loan default.
  15. For some one like Giscard to insist that the franc is overvalued is virtually unheard of.
  16. Upper-middle-class Americans tend to overvalue the non-financial benefits of grad school.
  17. It still can be argued that Japanese shares are overvalued in terms of the return they offer.
  18. It can trip us up in others, though, such as when we overvalue our own egocentric perspective.
  19. In our experience, corporations tend to overvalue synergies that fall into this latter category.
  20. There's something about imbuing a product with your own labor that makes you come to overvalue it.
  21. For it so happens that the developed societies over-value certain kinds of mental operations, like logic.
  22. But the dismal performance in Boston will make many fans think our top players are overvalued and overpaid.
  23. The sharp decline was blamed on fears over the falling yen and over-valued stock prices on the Tokyo stock exchange.
  24. Since Greenspan and other officials first began to worry that stocks were overvalued, prices have continued to climb.
  25. People in these societies tend to overvalue their own skills and overestimate their own importance to any group effort.
  26. The excitement ended last year, when higher wages, an overvalued currency and lower productivity growth took their toll.
  27. These thinking qualities are retained long after the catalogue of facts, so long over-valued by some teachers, has been forgotten.
  28. At the same time however take care that thou dost not through being so pleased with them accustom thyself to overvalue them, so as to be disturbed if ever thou shouldst not have them.

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