Use of nefarious in Sentences. 22 Examples

The examples include nefarious at the start of sentence, nefarious at the end of sentence and nefarious in the middle of sentence

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nefarious at the end of sentence

  1. Grabbing information from the mind doesn't always have to be nefarious.

nefarious in the middle of sentence

  1. He is a nefarious murderer.
  2. The gifts of the earth were put only to nefarious uses.
  3. My father believes you all have a nefarious purpose here.
  4. The bomber's nefarious deed destroyed many innocent lives.
  5. He was universally feared because of his many nefarious deeds.
  6. Why make a whole village prisoner if it was not to some nefarious purpose?
  7. Godalhi and Koon pooled their resources in the capture of nefarious criminals.
  8. As a servant to the court of Pepin, Gummarus married the nefarious Guinimaria.
  9. Gresham himself did not live to see the outcome of any of these nefarious schemes.
  10. Jealous cultural ministers from other lands wonder what nefarious persuasions he used.
  11. Many of the spies had been involved in murder, blackmail, or other nefarious activities.
  12. As it turned out, Beaton's efforts, whether nefarious or not, were very quickly nullified.
  13. The director of the company seems to have been involved in some nefarious practices/activities.
  14. The Ostrich first came to fame through the nefarious exploits of its one-time landlord, Jarman.
  15. Another non - nefarious cause of increasing income disparity may be our ever - higher immigration rates.
  16. What sheer bad luck to meet a literary policeman when he was trying to do something nefarious but necessary.
  17. Their sins deny them rest and they will continue their nefarious behaviour beyond the grave unless formally exorcised.
  18. Increasingly, they have been linked to more nefarious activities, from cheating on taxes to financing cocaine traffickers.
  19. We wish that you will become cognisant of the lies and heinous practices ofthedark ones whichbindyouinslaverytotheir exquisitely nefarious vendetta against the light.
  20. Experience Capcom's classic platformer on mobile. Control Mega Man and his dog, Rush, on an epic journey to defeat the nefarious Dr. Wily and his deadly robot masters.
  21. Many French will be convinced that their first impression after DSK was arrested – that he was victim of a nefarious political plot or financial shakedown – was correct.

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