Use of misjudge in Sentences. 29 Examples

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misjudge in the middle of sentence

  1. I think you've misjudged her.
  2. Did we misjudge the profiles?
  3. Quantities are easily misjudged.
  4. And suppose you misjudge the occasion?
  5. I'm sorry I misjudged you/your motives.
  6. She now realizes that she misjudged him.
  7. I misjudged how wide the stream was and fell in.
  8. I misjudged the speed of the car coming towards me.
  9. The government misjudged the mood of the electorate.
  10. Ian felt a pang of conscience at having misjudged her.
  11. Never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
  12. I felt small when I learned how badly I had misjudged him.
  13. It's easy to misjudge the speed of a car heading toward you.
  14. I thought he wasn't going to support me, but I misjudged him.
  15. Perhaps I had misjudged him, and he was not so predictable after all.
  16. What a very kind thing to do; I've been misjudging him all these years.
  17. She's misjudged the weight of the chromium door and crushed her big toe.
  18. Chris totally misjudged the situation and behaved quite inappropriately.
  19. But the Marschallin does not misjudge, nor does she sentimentalize the situation.
  20. You owe him an apology for misjudging him and suspecting his motives at every turn.
  21. If he offered his help, she might misjudge him, and scream because of being scared.
  22. The government misjudged the mood of the country when it decided to call an election.
  23. To see China's holdings as a threat is to misjudge the goals of the Chinese government.
  24. He had misjudged the situation, and if he had added to his problems, it was his own fault.
  25. Perhaps the hooded crows thought it was a game, perhaps they misjudged his skill and speed.
  26. It is difficult to understand how they could have misjudged the mood of the workforce so badly.
  27. Therefore, those who misjudge China's position in world politics will not have a correct international strategy.
  28. For the second time Daley had misjudged the voter appeal of a seemingly bland, stolid, young lawyer named Richard Ogilvie.
  29. If you misjudge a situation, calling, say, a 30-something matron "lao dama" or a professor "lao shifu", the person addressed is likely to be at least mildly displeased.

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