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matcher at the start of sentence

  1. Matcher also offers a group() that retrieves the string matching a given group.
  2. Matcher is used to apply regular expressions to strings or, more accurately, to CharSequences.

matcher at the end of sentence

  1. It accepts a regular expression and compiles it into a matcher.

matcher in the middle of sentence

  1. You can also define your own matcher or use an exact value.
  2. The underscore (_) is a matcher that says the argument can be anything.
  3. These two classes -- Pattern and matcher -- are the whole pattern-matching library.
  4. Verifies that the matcher can't overrun the stack ( no matter what the expression ).
  5. JBehave meets this need by offering a matcher type for implementing rich expectations.
  6. The third matcher is for displaying the form, and uses the Forms Template Transformer.
  7. The tree-edit function takes a zipper structure, a matcher function, and an editor function.
  8. The matcher offers several methods to test regular expression: matches(), lookingAt(), and find().
  9. Recipe matcher : This site is similar to Recipe Puppy but it uses drop downs in its search function.
  10. Actually, RegexpManager needs to create a matcher adapter for your chosen library or for the default one.
  11. Therefore, since matcher accepts CharSequence, it is possible to apply regular expressions to whole files.
  12. In this scenario, the matcher mainly moves in a forward direction, often by more than one character at a time.
  13. Although c matcher the capability of many computers, it is independent of any particular machine architecture.
  14. The implicit side effect is that after this line the matcher object contains the first match found in the input text.
  15. Coming up with the right regular expression and then working with the results of the matcher class is really all there is to the library.
  16. This expression is then retained by the Pattern class before it is passed on to the matcher class to check for matches in the context of a character sequence.
  17. I need a pattern matcher that takes an few array's of integers (array size unknown, but all all times the same size. ) then predicts the values for a new array.
  18. If it matches, the node and the result of the matcher are passed to the editor function for possible modification and iteration continues from the modified node.

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