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1) married


A person who is married.
We invited several young marrieds.
شادی شدہ

2) married


Take in marriage.
I got married with Faraz.
I am getting married.
Listen, I don`t have any intention of getting married.
شادی کرنا
نکاح میں لینا

3) married


Perform a marriage ceremony.
The minister married us on Saturday.
We were wed the following week.
The couple got spliced on Hawaii.
شادی کی تقریب منقد کرنا

4) married


Of or relating to the state of marriage.
Marital status.
Marital fidelity.
Married bliss.
شادی سے متعلق
شادی کا
شادی کے متعلق
شادی سے متعلق

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