Use of jinx in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include jinx at the start of sentence, jinx at the end of sentence and jinx in the middle of sentence

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jinx at the end of sentence

  1. He is a jinx.
  2. jinx: My friends call me jinx.
  3. He was beginning to think he was a jinx.
  4. You had better steer clear of that jinx.
  5. This weekend they all want to end the January jinx.
  6. Now she's waiting for Wimbledon and a chance to beat her second round jinx.
  7. The company had suffered so many disasters that some employees feared a jinx.
  8. A few years back, SI went looking forstatistical proof or disproof of the jinx.

jinx in the middle of sentence

  1. I'm sure there's a jinx on this car.
  2. The injury jinx has struck Real Madrid.
  3. Do you believe in jinx or superstition?
  4. They reckon it's a jinx after last night.
  5. I'm convinced there's a jinx on this car.
  6. She is a jinx, every time I met her I lost money.
  7. It was as if there were a jinx on her whole vacation.
  8. jinx: He did you? I did not know he was that desperate.
  9. jinx: It is, isn't it ? Too bad it's lost on everybody else.
  10. There seems to be a jinx on our team, because we always lose.
  11. The Trip jinx doesn't stop movement so much as interfere with it.
  12. There must be a jinx go this house. Everything's always in a mess.
  13. There's a jinx on this computer - it's gone wrong three times this morning!
  14. Muttering some vulgar exorcism to avert the jinx, Juron tore the panel open.
  15. The team seems to have shaken off the jinx that's been dogging them for months.
  16. Stan didn't like thinking that way, for overconfidence could jinx an operation.
  17. There's a jinx on/Someone's put a jinx on this car: it's always giving me trouble.
  18. Contrary to all that gar-bage about being a jinx, she brought me nothing but good luck.
  19. And the Impediment jinx , spell word Impedimenta, can block someone or something from moving caster.
  20. These high tech high jinx will keep your family bewildered as you laugh when their desktop goes haywire or their speech recognition software only responds to Klingon.

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