Use of invoice in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include invoice at the start of sentence, invoice at the end of sentence and invoice in the middle of sentence

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invoice at the start of sentence

  1. Invoice the goods to my account.

invoice at the end of sentence

  1. The seller has to issue a tax invoice.
  2. I stapled the order form to the invoice.
  3. The merchandise does not check with invoice.
  4. He nobbled her in the corridor to sign the invoice.
  5. Accommodation and meals as confirmed on your final invoice.
  6. We will be pleased to delete the charge from the original invoice.

invoice in the middle of sentence

  1. to invoice sb. for sth.
  2. The invoice was for 35 cif.
  3. We overpay the invoice by $ 245.
  4. Staple the invoice to the receipt.
  5. We have received an invoice for $250.
  6. We'll invoice you for parts and labour.
  7. Your next invoice will be arriving shortly.
  8. Staple the invoice and the receipt together.
  9. Please pay the final invoice within two weeks.
  10. You will find the invoice attached to the box.
  11. All fees are payable when the invoice is issued.
  12. A signed invoice presumes receipt of the shipment.
  13. Prompt payment of the invoice would be appreciated.
  14. One invoice had fitted all the requirements perfectly.
  15. Releasing the goods without an invoice is most irregular.
  16. We will then send you an invoice for the total course fees.
  17. A clerk simply verifies that the payment and invoice amount match.
  18. I would be most grateful if you could send me an invoice in due course.
  19. The shipping costs can be as high as 50 % of the invoice value of the goods.
  20. They've decided to hold all future deliveries until the invoice has been paid.
  21. In an invoice the amount of money should be written both in words and in figures.
  22. If an invoice is not paid within seven days, we automatically send out a reminder.

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