Use of interlock in Sentences. 26 Examples

The examples include interlock at the start of sentence, interlock at the end of sentence and interlock in the middle of sentence

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interlock at the start of sentence

  1. Interlock your fingers behind your back.
  2. Interlock power protection to ensure operational safety.

interlock at the end of sentence

  1. The tragedies begin to interlock.
  2. Car theives know how to bypass the ignition interlock.

interlock in the middle of sentence

  1. The edges interlock to form a tight seal.
  2. Most of the elements interlock with one another.
  3. All the units interlock with one another rigidly.
  4. Plain stitch and interlock stitch , tucking stitch.
  5. To engage and interlock securely so as to be immobile.
  6. Plain stitch, rib and interlock stitch, tucking stitch.
  7. Power interlock protective system ensures safe operation.
  8. Your girlfriend's fear seems to interlock with your fear.
  9. There is an electrical and mechanical interlock safety bar.
  10. Design of Safety interlock Brake Device for Quick Closure of Pressure Vessels.
  11. The US space shuttle will interlock with the Russian space station later today.
  12. An over - temperature alarm and interlock is provided on the gases leaving the concentrating tower.
  13. Is skinny interlock her this variety of thin little persons entire can easily of hand her to the adytum.
  14. The interlock is the essential system of air lock to prevent the door which controlled open at same time.
  15. If two people feel vulnerable simultaneously, these two tendencies can interlock and increase synergistically.
  16. Mainly products are: velvet and interlock baby romper, velvet children wears and adult knitted leisure garments.
  17. The PLC system operated well, realizing automatic interlock control of the cinder storing and discharging system.
  18. All the components of the Pythagorean model interlock, each absolutely necessary to the proper operation of the whole.
  19. The machining salver groupware has safe interlock framework to remove the groupware out of the base seat safely and easily to clean.
  20. There are also bargains which interlock all these with foreign corporations, foreign governments and the international organisations.
  21. A parallel recall in Canada covers a further 44,000 vehicles. Honda said it had received several complaints about the failure of the ignition interlock mechanism.
  22. The whole control system has a perfect function of interlock alarming, data acquisition, CRT screen display, parameter processing, level limit alarming and table printing etc.

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