Use of inter in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include inter at the start of sentence, inter at the end of sentence and inter in the middle of sentence

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inter at the start of sentence

  1. Inter Milan were unlucky to lose the match.
  2. Inter Milan have signed two new midfielders.
  3. Inter Milan beat Roma to win the Coppa Italia.

inter in the middle of sentence

  1. All species will breed inter se.
  2. Do you inter - bank transfer service?
  3. Do u offer an inter - bank transfer service?
  4. Do you have an inter - bank transfer service?
  5. Do you offer an inter - bank transfer service?
  6. It's suitable for monoculture, and inter cropping.
  7. Frivolity , inter many alia, is what fashion does.
  8. Nowadays many banks offer inter - bank transfer services.
  9. The committee recommended, inter alia, that he be promoted.
  10. The university de - emphasized inter - collegiate football.
  11. The inter player was swift to respond with a counter-attack.
  12. Through shared memory to achieve inter - process communication!
  13. Air France gobbled up its main French rivals, Air inter and UTA.
  14. This important carbide precipitates both inter and intragranularly.
  15. Swindon became the end of the line for east bound inter City trains.
  16. The report is concerned, inter alia, with the reform of the tax system.
  17. The paper discussed, inter alia, political, economic, and social issues.
  18. The prime minister was primus inter pares in the cabinet-the first among equals.
  19. A joint tenancy is severed if a joint tenant disposes of his interest inter vivos.
  20. Executives at confirmed the purchase but would not disclose financial terms.
  21. Histological examination Day 3: The biopsies showed moderate to severe inter and intracellular oedema.
  22. Sweet Caroline inter is a name synonymous with functional, practical footwear for the leisure sports market.
  23. They will of course be subject to a number of conditions such as inter alia a given level of profits and due diligence.
  24. The strict rent control, introduced in the war to protect private tenants,(.com/inter.html) was partly lifted during the inter war period.
  25. Education services similarly went through a phase of detailed examination of their weaknesses and future potential during the inter war period.

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