Use of intensifier in Sentences. 18 Examples

The examples include intensifier at the start of sentence, intensifier at the end of sentence and intensifier in the middle of sentence

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intensifier at the end of sentence

  1. Signal - to - noise ration ( SNR ) is an important parameter of the image intensifier.

intensifier in the middle of sentence

  1. The intensifier tubes use the photoelectric effect.
  2. Collet aimed the binoculars up the hill and adjusted image intensifier dials.
  3. Exclusive agent in Japan and South Korea's LG intensifier Zhongyuan the processing aid.
  4. A 25/25XZ3W gated microchannel plate image intensifier developed resently has been discussed.
  5. First , the intensifier of abrasive waterjet cutting machine is analyzed in this dissertation.
  6. AS competition intensifier. Our opponents and we are all working hard to higher service standards.
  7. Water - jet cutting system based on phased intensifier and open numerical control system was designed.
  8. The results showed that the best waterproof agent is paraffin; the best intensifier is sodium alginate.
  9. High quality integrated image intensifier and CCD camera the function more stable and the image clearer.
  10. Purpose: Used in X - ray image intensifier , flasher, analytically reagent medical and special optical etc.
  11. The majority of plasma spectra recorded by a microchannel plate(MCP) image intensifier have been identified.
  12. In the phrases 'an extremely large man' and 'I strongly object', 'extremely' and 'strongly' are both intensifiers.
  13. In the second chapter, the principle, characteristics, types and parameters of LLL image intensifier are introduced.
  14. Process electric shop drawing design of storage ring, straight-line portion and intensifier finished by our institute.
  15. A microchannel plate image intensifier combining with a gating pulse generator constitutes the simplest image converter camera with high gain and fast response.
  16. Research of High Performance Mixed Flow Turbine and Three Generation of Tank Engine J130 Pressure intensifier Development wins the level achievement first prize.
  17. With the proximity focused diode image intensifier coupled to a low luminance EL display, and a photocathode instead of a field-emitter, a new photocathode display is developed.

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