Use of inflate in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include inflate at the start of sentence, inflate at the end of sentence and inflate in the middle of sentence

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inflate at the start of sentence

  1. Inflate your life jacket by pulling sharply on the cord.

inflate at the end of sentence

  1. Her life jacket failed to inflate.
  2. The life jacket failed to inflate.
  3. Don's lifejacket had failed to inflate.
  4. We watch the hot-air balloon slowly inflate.
  5. Throughout the whole exercise the Puffer was in a state of obvious distress, but did not inflate.

inflate in the middle of sentence

  1. Airbags inflate instantaneously on impact.
  2. It took us half an hour to inflate the dinghy.
  3. Hotels often inflate prices at particular times of the year.
  4. Beauty, money, and popularity can all inflate a person's ego.
  5. The promotion of a big release can inflate a film'sfinal cost.
  6. You can inflate the mattress in 30 seconds, using a foot pump.
  7. We all started to inflate our balloons and eventually one burst.
  8. Pull both ends tight, tie the tapes, then inflate the life jacket.
  9. Therefore it is in the states' interest to inflate census figures.
  10. The principal effect of the demand for new houses was to inflate prices.
  11. The buyers bid against each other and often inflate the prices they pay.
  12. To inflate their confidence, I was deliberately making them see a weak front.
  13. The lifejackets turned out to be useless, because they didn't inflate properly.
  14. Axe says that the management pressured him to inflate cost estimates on repairs.
  15. He had no choice but to inflate his lungs and dive into the clear hissing shadows.
  16. The bags are required by law to inflate in a fraction of a second, fueled by hot gases.
  17. Excessive need to inflate the importance and achievements of oneself, males in general, or both.
  18. I took the chance to inflate the little rubber dinghy and row off to see the raft from a distance.
  19. The first time I saw the fish inflate, the only other occupants of the tank were three Green Chromis.
  20. They are all covered with sharp spines and have the ability to inflate their bodies by gulping air or water.
  21. A better solution is for automakers to develop air bags that inflate more slowly, lessening the risk of injury.
  22. Auto accident cases inflate insurance premiums for every-one and cause endless delays in payments to the injured.
  23. Just get some samples together, print up pretentious business cards, inflate values, rent out tent space and voila!

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